Success Tips for Running a Business from a Virtual Office

You can bootstrap your startup business from virtual office instead of incurring expensive recurrent bills on a physical office. Take care of what matters most in your firm and piggybank on various services available through software, online, and as rentals to succeed in business as a virtual office owner. The startup years of a company are not always smooth, and you will need to retain all the cash you can to use it as working capital. Therefore, signing up for a virtual office would be a great way to fulfill your orders to customers, stay on top of your game, maintain a desirable brand image while not losing your head because of escalating costs. Here are a few tips to put in mind when going the virtual direction.

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Set up Office Hours

Most people confuse virtual offices with a hobby activity since it has no physical presence and no real secretary at the door. However, your clients do not know that it is a virtual office and they do not know that you probably rent boardrooms when you need to meet them. They expect you to conduct yourself professionally. On the other hand, you need to communicate to them that you are ready for business and you represent a reputable brand. Therefore, have office hours like any different professional outfit.


Create the Right Virtual Presence

Having a virtual office goes beyond the letterhead and virtual address that collects your mail. You need to have relevant social media profiles to engage your customers. You may need a blog to talk about your business and services or products. You also need a great website that is both aesthetic and functional. The website should represent the values of your business. It should give clients and visitors a tour of your company through words, pictures, setup, and other resources. It should link to various resources and act as an always-open window to your products and services. Invest in good web design and hosting then focus on building a community of users and visitors to the site.


Set up Dedicated Office Lines

You have your mobile phone line, but that should not be the one going to the business. Set up landlines for the company and dedicated mobile phone. You should also Get a Google fax number to use with your regular Gmail to receive and send a fax. You will be operating like any other business, and people will expect to fax you often and get replies. During your working hours, all your dedicated office lines should be active, and you can attend to them or hire an assistant.

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Get a Co-working Center

You need a physical presence despite your office being virtual because clients might need to see you physically. Sending them on dates and lunches might seem reasonable, but it can go against your principle of keeping costs low. Therefore, consider paying for a monthly subscription to co-working spaces that have nice lounges that can accommodate your walk-in clients. Stay in the space during business hours even when you are not receiving clients because the habit will help you act as a professional as you build business relationships.

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