Gaming Monitor

Hardcore and casual gamers love an immersive gaming experience that the perfect gaming monitor could offer especially when the rest of the computer peripherals and hardware are top notch. The monitor can determine the rate of winnings or defeat by always showing details in the perfect way when they matter. The most common game types that require an investment in a good monitor are the first-person shooter, sports, fast-action games and the racing legends known all over the world. You can focus on a few basic things and then improve your checklist to some advance specs to find the best unit out there. Here are tips when buying a gaming monitor.

Go big

Always go big, but first, understand the implication of great in monitor sense. Big refers to the diagonal screen size of the screen and the pixels it can squeeze. The big physical size will allow you to sit at a pretty distance from the monitor and still game comfortably. You could even be sitting two meters away and game comfortably on a 55-inch screen, but those who are using laptop-sized screens have to stay very close to their screens. The number of pixels determines the density. A 4k monitor will give you most of the clarity needed and surpass most of the current gaming requirements of 1080p.

Check the response rate

gaming monitor buying guideThe response rate shows the speed at which pixels will move on screen from one frame to the next. Most marketers at stores may try to sell you anything that looks good, but you can tell the best monitor when you play with it for a week, or when you find out whether it has the right specs. Focus on the pixel response as noted by the existence of pixel-specific technologies that improve synchronization so that there is low input lag. Sometimes the display connection type to your computer will affect the refresh rate. An excellent way to improve the quality of the output from the computer is by using heavy-duty display cords with the Display Port option.

Pick the correct panel technology

Some gaming monitors will be the right size and offer the correct pixel density but wash out images after a few months of hard-core use. You want the twisted nematic (TN) panels when you are on a budget since they tend to offer considerable quality at a low cost. However, focus on technologies incorporating the in-plane switching (IPS) when you only want the best. They have the associated superiority in offering fast pixel responses and the deep blacks that are good for contrasting images on the screen.



Pricing may be an effect of many qualities including the build quality and the number of connectable accessories to the monitor. Therefore, you should only evaluate the price based on the availability of the extra features. The existence of digital connection options including HDMI and the availability of swivel stands can affect the pricing. The materials used for building the monitor may also be contributing to its low or high price. Nevertheless, you can rely on price to choose among similarly featured monitors.