Gmail Tricks You Need to Know

We send emails almost every day in our lives today. Whether it is for work, school, or even personal affairs, we use emails a lot. When it comes to email platforms, one of the most popular one today is probably Gmail.

Gmail, like Google, has its own tricks up their sleeve that you might not know about. These tricks can make navigating around Gmail much more efficient and convenient. Here are some Gmail tricks that you need to know:

Send a fax from Gmail

laptopOne awesome trick that you can do with Gmail is that you can send a fax from it. If you are wondering how to send fax from Gmail to a fax machine, you might think it’s complicated. In fact, it is quite simple.

First, you register yourself with a fax provider, like eFax or RingCentral. Then, you log in to your Gmail account and compose a mail. Put in your designated recipients’ fax number in the to section and write a message on the cover sheet. After that, you can attach the document that you want to fax over, and then you can simply click send. It’s free, easy, and efficient.

Keyboard shortcuts

Another trick that you need to know is that Gmail can easily be navigated and made even more convenient with keyboard shortcuts. All you have to do first is enable this function in the settings. Then, you can easily control Gmail by clicking the buttons on the keyboard.

There are many shortcuts that you can use while viewing a list of threads and while in a thread. You can learn more about the shortcuts in the settings. You can simply go to your settings on Gmail and click the “Learn more” button under “Keyboard shortcuts:”.

Email management.

inboxWhen it comes to managing emails, it is safe to say that Gmail is probably one of the best. When you use Gmail, you are able to receive emails that are from other email platforms and use several Gmail accounts all at once.

To receive emails that are from other email platforms on Gmail, you can set it up on the “Accounts and Import” section on your Gmail settings. To use several accounts all at one time, you can simply click “Add account” that is on the bottom right of the menu when you click your profile picture. Another cool thing is you can also delegate your email controls by setting up email delegation.

Gmail Labs

Gmail is always trying to create and develop new things to improve the user experience when using their services. That is why they came up with Gmail Labs, which is where you can try out new features. The features that are in Gmail Labs is actually very helpful and useful. Some of the features include “Canned Response”, “Undo Send”, “Default Reply to All”, “Unread Message icon”, “Preview Pane”, and many more.…