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Tips For Choosing Free Antivirus Software

Many free ways to clean up a windows pc are available because not all folks can afford to buy expensive antivirus for their computers. If you don’t have an antivirus program installed on your computer its worth noting that your data might get damaged by viruses or fall into the wrong hands. Yes, you heard me right! If your computer is guarded with an up to date antivirus, then the chances of your critical data getting damaged or stolen are next to zero. When looking for free antivirus software to clean your windows PC put the following things into consideration.

Email safety

Its necessary that the antivirus software that you pick has email safety features. This will ensure your safety as well as those you are sending emails. The truth of the matter is that many emails today are transmitted through emails and once you open the mail your computer gets infected.

Current database

When searching for free antivirus software to clean up your windows PC, you should make sure that its database is up to date. New viruses are developed every day and for your computer to get the real-time protection you have to keep the database updated. This will protect from older viruses as well as the new ones. Updating your antivirus program is the only way to make sure that your computer is safeguarded from viruses.

Auto scanning

antivirus buying tipsAutomatic scanning is another thing that you should contemplate when searching for a free antivirus program because it will guarantee that your PC is scanned even when you forget to scan it manually. It’s true that sometimes you might have a tight schedule and forget to scan it after surfing online or accessing storage devices. If you set your antivirus to scan the system, your computer will remain protected routinely. In most cases, even a free antivirus has the option to delete any detected viruses immediately. This feature is excellent because it will prevent viruses from staying on your computer until you decide to delete it. In fact, some free antivirus will even let you choose the files that you wish to scan.

Fake detections

Frequently an antivirus program will make fake discoveries. This happens when the software reads a file on your pc and interprets it as a threat. The file might pose no harm towards your computer and might not even have a virus. If you come across a few fake apprehensions, you might be easily misleading. For that reason stay away from free antivirus software for Windows PC with a high rate of fake detections.



Most antivirus software is developed by trusted and respected names in the industry. It is a grand idea to carry out detailed research to find out more about the manufacturers. And that is not all. Don’t forget to discover more about the antivirus software that they develop.

When you lack the appropriate protection, the information stored in your computer is in jeopardy. When selecting a free antivirus for your windows PC you must be aware of the feature it needs and the extent of protection it offers.…

computer buying guide

What to Look for When Buying a New Computer

We are in the computer world, and almost everyone owns a computer. If you are yet to buy one, you may be wondering what to look for when buying a new computer. Well, here I have the details.


In computer language, hardware refers to the tangible computer parts. It refers to the visible outer parts of the computer. Whether you are buying a desktop or a laptop, you must ensure that all the hardware components such as the keyboard, the mouse, and the screen are intact. At this point, you may also want to consider the aesthetics of the computer if beauty is anything to you. You can consider the color, the shape, and size of the computer.

Hard disk drive storage

buying a new computerThe hard disk storage of a computer differs from the RAM in that while RAM is said to be the memory of a computer, the hard disk storage is the storage space for the computer. The hard disk drive provides permanent storage for computer files and folders. Typically, the hard disk space is always larger than the memory space. Capacity and performance are the most important aspects of the hard disk drive storage of a computer. Depending on how you intend to use the computer, you should choose a computer with sufficient hard drive storage space. However, just like RAM, hard disk space can be upgraded by using external hard disks.


A computer’s Central Processing Unit (CPU) receives instructions, decodes them, executes them and gives the required output. You, therefore, cannot ignore it when looking for a new computer. You need to choose a processor that is based on the latest computing technology. For instance, today, most CPUs are multi-core. Multi-core processors consume less power than single-core processors, are more efficient in parallel processing and are better in performance. You cannot afford to buy a computer with a single-core processor in this day and age.


The amount of RAM (Random Access Memory) that a computer has matters a great deal. RAM is a form of volatile computer memory that stores the data and information that is currently being used by the computer when it is turned on. This information gets lost when the computer is turned off. RAM offers temporary or virtual storage that creates a working space for applications and the operating system. Consequently, it determines the number of applications that can be run on the computer at the same time. It also determines the speed at which the computer interprets and responds to instructions. With most computers today, RAM is upgradeable. Therefore, you can buy a computer with a small RAM but upgrade it in the future. Alternatively, you may want to buy a computer with a superior memory so that you don’t need to upgrade it in the future.

System manufacturer

You may also find it necessary to consider the system manufacturer if you prefer certain computer manufacturers to others. Some computer manufacturers have already built a name for themselves in the computer world, and you may want to buy only from them.…